Amid Controversy, Tracy Morgan Selected to Host Billboard Music Awards

Morgan exclaimed,"And how can you say no when Prince is going to be there!"

Tracy Morgan Controversy: This Time It’s Sexist

This week on 'Tracy Morgan Offends People', the controversial comedian goes after women for being crazy, not being in the kitchen.

Listen: Tracy Morgan Talks George Carlin, Censorship in Boston Interview

Tracy Morgan is asked whether he would ever make fun of someone with cerebral palsy

Tracy Morgan Hospitalized in Denver Before Performance

Tracey Morgan was rushed to the hospital for the second time in four months.

Tracy Morgan Lifts Spirits of Patriots’ Fans with Impromptu Comedy Routine

Although Morgan himself is not a Patriots fan, he did a pretty good job of cheering up the football team's following.

30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan Hospitalized in Utah

Comedian Tracy Morgan had a health scare on Monday while visiting the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards in Park City, Utah

Louis C.K. Defends Tracy Morgan’s Controversial Gay Joke

In a recent interview with ABC comedian Louis C.K. talked about how sometimes jokes can be controversial or upsetting to others, but that doesn't mean you ought to demonize the comic

Comedian Tracy Morgan Stars in New Drama “The Son of No One” with Al Pacino

Most of us know Tracy Morgan from his hilarious performances on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. Yet three days ago his new movie "The Son of No One," a police/crime drama, released in the United States, marking just the second time the comedian has starred in a dramatic film

Comedian Tracy Morgan Discusses Anti-Gay Remarks on Late Show

Comedian and actor of "30 Rock" stepped out on to the Late Show and discussed how he feels now about the criticism he recieved.

A Serious Apology from Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan makes a second apology in Nashville about his recent anti-gay jokes. It seems he may have really learned his lesson!

Louis C.K.: Tracy Morgan is Wrong, Cruel, Ignorant, and Hilarious

"Comedians stick together" seems to be the unwritten rule for every funny man in the world. Louis C.K. jumped to the rescue for Tracy Morgan just like Spiderman swinging down to save Mary Jane from the Green Goblin.

Tina Fey and Bob Greenblatt Respond to Tracy Morgan’s Rant

According to Deadline Hollywood, 30 Rock star / creator Tina Fey, along with Bob Greenblatt, the first openly gay chairman for a broadcast network at the time, have responded to Tracy Morgan's homophobic remarks that he made during a stand up show

Tracy Morgan Lusts for Michelle Obama

The headline might seem to good to be true, but it isn't. Tracy Morgan revealed on Lopez Tonight that he has a huge, inappropriate crush on the married First Lady and mother of two.

Tracy Morgan calls out Sarah Palin once more

Leave it up to Tracy Morgan, star of 30 Rock, to turn an interview on the red carpet from heartwarming to jaw dropping.

Tracy Morgan, the Comedy Bender

"Put your kids to sleep, 'cause it's getting real!"