gorburger, warner sound, tj miller, funny or dieThe Warner Sound is bringing in some new entertainment.  Through a partnership with Funny or Die, The Warner Sound is pitching a talk show comedy series called Gorburger this September.

The Gorburger series features TJ Miller (Our Idiot Brother, How to Train Your Dragon, She’s Out of My League) and appearances from top artists of Warner Music.  Some appearances include: Mars Volta, Fool’s Gold, Health, Le Butcherettes, and many more!

The series will premiere on Monday, September 24; after that Gorburger will be taking over Mondays in October, Warner Sound shared.

“Gorburger is invading your internet waves ever Monday in October, satisfying his blood lust, interviewing bands and not having sex with them because his genitalia is incompatible,”  Warner Sound provided in their description of Gorburger.

Even though many are not entirely sure what kind of creature Gorburger is, the series is guaranteed to bring about some laughter.  You can watch the trailer here to see what it’s all about!

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