A few days ago comedian Marc Maron (host of the popular podcast WTF with Marc Maron) made a return appearance to the late night TBS show Conan.

Previously, in Maron’s first visit to the show, he talked with host Conan O’Brien about how he had convinced himself he had “cancer of the mouth.” This time Maron came with another cancer story, telling O’Brien he was certain he had prostate cancer.

“When you turn 13 your ‘Barmitzvah’d’ and that’s when you become a man. When you call a urologist that’s when you become an old man,” joked Maron. The comedian discussed being uncomfortable around Asian doctors, saying it has nothing to do with them but that his “neurotic charm doesn’t affect them.”

Maron went on to describe his awkward prostate examination with said Asian doctor, saying that he felt a strange connection with the man given the circumstances. “In the middle of this examination with this doctor, this is what I hear behind me: ‘Ohhh smooth.’ And he like takes of his gloves off and he goes ‘smooth good.’ And I’m like, I appreciate the brevity of your poetry but now I’m not going back.”

When asked if it turned out he was alright, Maron quipped, “Yeah I went and saw an Italian doctor and everything is fine.”

Maron will be hosting his podcast WTF live at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre on Jan. 27. Ticket information can be found here.

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