jose barrientos, comedian, los angeles, city college, prank, accent, fake, mexican, latino, spanish, presentation, speech, reveal, students, jokeComedian Jose Barrientos can speak English better than many of my WASP friends. But for nearly a whole semester, he pretended to speak English  to all of his classmates as though it were his second language .

From the Huffington Post: “Barrientos, who enrolled in Speech 101 at Los Angeles City College, began the semester speaking with a fake, Mexican accent and kept it up for months. The prank lasted until Barrientos’ final presentation, when he shed it in a comical reveal.”

The reception from the class was mixed, as Jose introduced them to his new product, “Barrientos Accent Be Gone.”

“Half got it and thought it was funny,” Barrientos said to L.A. Weekly. “The other half was kind of upset because they felt duped and thought we were friends and thought they knew me. Some thought I was giving Hispanics a bad name. Those people were not Hispanic. But the negativity was part of their own filter.”

Watch the video below and see how Barrientos faked out his class.

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