Leave it up to Tracy Morgan, star of 30 Rock, to turn an interview on the red carpet from heartwarming to jaw dropping. The funny man started off an E! news interview by talking about his recent kidney transplant and just about when the interview was over he decided to give a quick shout out to Sarah Palin, calling her the “hottest MILF in the world.” The reporter looked a bit surprised and asked, “You got the hots for Sarah Palin?”

According to Sportsgrid.com, this isn’t the first time Tracy has called Palin “hot”. Last week Morgan talked about the former vice-presidential candidate again during TNT’s NBA pre-game talk, claiming that she is “great masturbation material,” leaving host Charles Barkley feeling a little uncomfortable.

Tracy Morgan is best known for this work in 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, Death at a Funeral, and Cop Out.

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