Can you guess what the following comedians all have in common?

Wendy Liebman, Paul Provenza, Annie Lederman, Dane Cook, Bonnie Mcfarlane, David Feldman, Robert Kelly, Adam Ferrara, Merill Markoe, Christian Finnegan, Kathleen Madigan, Annie Lederman, Jay Mohr, Marc Maron, Todd Barry, Kelly Carlin, Rich Vos, Greg Fitzsimmons & Louis Katz?

The answer is that they all participated in the first ever real-time tweet based roast of the 84th annual Academy Awards. Will this replace the infamous Comedy Central roasts? Only time will tell. In the meantime enjoy the top ten roast tweets of last night:

Christian Finnegan – Only with the French is there a moment of awkwardness because the one guy didn’t kiss the other guy ENOUGH.

Paul Provenza –  So the movies just gave the big movie award to a movie that’s an homage to movies. Any questions?

Dane Cook – My one word review of the Academy Awards: Longer.

Annie Lederman – I never saw “War Horse” cus before I saw the poster I thought it was “War Whores” a documentary about my dad’s time in ‘Nam.

Adam Ferrara – A black and white silent film nominated for best picture. Nice to see hollywood breaking new ground.

Wendy Liebman – Hollywood is all smoke and mirrors. And by that I mean pot and cocaine.

Todd Barry – Yeah. Actors are in it for the “friendships.” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Kathleen Madigan – Dear oscars, my parents have fallen asleep. I am barely awake enuf to type. This should be shown to insomniacs.

Kelly Carlin – You know the GOP will blame Obama for all these French people winning

Jay Mohr – The winner of Best Dead…is…

To see more tweets and people’s responses simply surf to TweetRoast.Com or search for the hashtag #TweetRoast on Twitter.

To put things in the right perspective see this video.

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