by Cort Tafoya

This list comprises women who are real stand-up comics, or at least have stand-up comedy experience before moving on to bigger and better things. It’s a run-down that strives to stay true to the medium at hand. We’re not cherry picking Hollywood actresses like Tina Fey or Anna Faris to fill out our top ten. Although they are hilarious and good looking, they’re not stand-up comics, and therefore not included in this list of good looking comedians.

I decided Comedy Spot Nation should make this list after reading a very insightful article, where the question “Can a pretty girl be funny?” was posed to a group of well known female comics. You can check out that article here. 

chelsea peretti10. Chelsea Peretti: Peretti is one of the amazing writers for NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” Variety voted her one of the top ten comics to watch in 2010, so you know she has game. She’s performed at comedy festivals all over including the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, The Las Vegas Comedy Festival and Just For Laughs Chicago. You can follow her on Twitter @ChelseaVPeretti.





9. Rachel Feinstein: Feinstein was a finalist on season 7 of “Last Comic Standing.” Previously she had written for the Onion and Heeb Magazine. She will release her comedy album Thug Tears (no joke) on November 29th. Feinstein also previously released a half-hour stand-up special on Comedy Central. On top of all that, she looks awesome! You can follow her on Twitter @RachelFeinstein, and read more about her on her website.





chelsea handler8. Chelsea Handler: The woman just received a $25 million re-up for her show Chelsea Lately on E! network. That makes her a sugar mama too. She won the Bravo A-list award for “A-List Funny.” An astounding four of her books have made the New York Times best sellers list. And if you don’t think she’s hot, check out her Playboy spread from 2009. Enough said.





sarah silverman7. Sarah Silverman:  She used to go out with late night host Jimmy Kimmel. I wonder who was funnier on their first date? Silverman just finished performing a comedy show at republican presidential candidate Rick Perry’s ranch. To be honest, I moved her up on the list after seeing her in her underwear.





6. Whitney Cummings: Her popularity is soaring as of late thanks to her new show on NBC with co-star Chris D’ Elia. You can catch “Whitney” right after “The Office” Thursday nights. Also her stand-up is awesome and so are her legs. Check out the AmericasComedy exclusive interview with her here.





aisha tyler5. Aisha Tyler: Aisha’s career took off in 2001 when she became host of the dating show “The 5th Wheel” as well as “Talk Soup.” Tyler is one of the only female comedians I know to host a podcast (Girl on Guy). One interesting fact about her, she’s a huge gamer – as in video gamer. You don’t want to see her at Halo.

In addition to her podcast and kicking asses online, Tyler travels and tours all over the country performing her stand-up. (Read more about her upcoming comedy tour dates here.)





anjelah johnson4. Anjelah Johnson: Johnson is well known for being a recurring cast member on the sketch comedy series “MadTV.” If you haven’t seen her as Bon Qui Qui, the fast-food employee, you’re missing out.“Welcome to King Burger where you can have it your way, but don’t get too crazy.” Johnson was also sexy enough to become an Oakland Raider cheerleader.





mindy kaling3. Mindy Kaling: Kaling plays the super crazy customer service representative at everyone’s favorite paper company, Dunder Mifflin. She’s also no stranger to stand-up, proof of which you can find on the “Comedy Death-Ray” album. Kaling is the author of a new book titled, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (I’m really not sure why anyone would hang out without her since she’s fine as hell.) Interestingly her first major film role was with Dunder Mifflin’s most famous branch manager, Steve Carell, on The 40-year-old Virgin.





Lynne Koplitz

2. Lynne Koplitz: Koplitz is not only beautiful, she’s insanely smart. In 2009 she was a co-host with astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson on a show called Star Talk. She earned a B.A. from Troy University, and her stand-up has appeared on multiple Comedy Central specials. Koplitz is also a contributor to the History Channel’s  “History of the Joke.” You can check out her website here. 





aubrey plaza1. Aubrey Plaza: Plaza currently stars on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” She’s performed sketch comedy since 2004 at the famed Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Plaza has entertained fans as a stand-up comedian at clubs like the Improv and Laugh Factory. Her film credits include roles in Judd Apatow’s Funny People and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Most recently, she was named the hottest comedian alive by us. Check out more of her hotness at her fan website.