marc maronRecently I listened to Episode 212 of WTF with Marc Maron. The guest on the episode is none other than host of the Nerdist Podcast Chris Hardwick. I decided to listen, thinking it would be fairly similar to the episode of the Nerdist Podcast in which Maron played the role of guest. I was wrong.

There are the same two people in both podcasts, so the overall mood should be identical in both, right? Wrong. The simple switch of putting Maron in the seat of captain turns the interview in the opposite direction.

In the Nerdist episode, the 4 people in the room spend the entire time laughing fairly whimsically, even when approaching serious topics. Maron puts forth the persona of an entertainer far more than he does when in the interviewer’s chair. Its obviously hard for him to leave the asking side of the interview entirely, as he occasionally asks Chris questions that fit the motif of an episode of WTF (due to the psychological analysis required to answer them).

If you’ve ever listened to an episode of Nerdist, you know Chris is an incredibly complimentary person, and his interview with Maron is no exception. When Maron is the one in the interview chair, however, he doesn’t insult his guests as much as he asks questions in a mildly offensive manner. He consistently will inquire upon their intentions, trying to find a selfish reason for the guest’s actions. The episode with Hardwick is no exception.

I found this to be one of the more intriguing episodes of WTF. While I’m a huge fan of the Nerdist podcast, I’d never heard this side of Hardwick before. Maron has a habit of putting guests through their entire lives as either victims or aggressors, an interesting method of interviewing which I think always ends up with more telling interviews than in a lighter hearted inquisition such as the Nerdist puts forth.

Overall, Nerdist has a far more lacksadaisical tone than WTF, and the machine ends up running differently, even when its made up of the same cogs. Both episodes are not only worth listening to, but I’d recommend them. When listened to adjacently to one another, its an incredibly interesting insight to both personalities.

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