comedian, godfrey, danchimah, black by accidentThe professional comedian Godfrey (real name Godfrey Danchimah) will debut his new stand-up act “Black By Accident” Saturday August 27th at 11/10c on Comedy Central. His album of the same name will appear in stores on Tuesday, August 30th.

Many notable stars and comedians have thrown their praise upon Godfrey’s talents, including Zach Galifianakis. “His comedy is so precisely funny it makes bums like me blush,” the Hangover star said.

Godfrey has appeared on hit show’s such as Louie and Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. He also played a comical role in the movie Soul Plane back in 2006. The comedian started out in the business as a warm up for The Cosby Show back in the day, and he’s also been on many episodes of BET’s comic view.

Fellow comedian Aziz Ansari said of Godfrey, “He always kills.” Quinn, who’s worked directly with successful comedian, said that he’s “Insightfully funny…a unique voice.”

You can watch a video clip of Godfrey here, where he talks about political correctness and originality. Godfrey recently performed in Philadelphia at the Helium Club on 8/24. He will be in Arlington, Texas on Sept. 1st. For more information on Godfrey and his tour dates, check out

Here’s Godfrey in action at the Comedy Cellar, courtesy of YouTube: