“Up-Fronts” is the name given to the annual routine of television networks rolling out their new and renewed shows to critics, advertisers and other interested parties.  Sometimes entertaining, most of the time boring as the networks try to create hype and justify why the newest batch is better than the old. If the TNT and TBS up-fronts had gone the way they were planned yesterday without any technical difficulties and screwing up Conan O’Brien‘s comedy routine then it would have been boring, at least for those who were waiting on the news.

Due to technical problems during their upfront presentation the network couldn’t show any clips to the audience due to technical difficulties and was forced to put the session on hold, thus messing up one of O’Brian’s comedy routines and led to the network executives pushing comedy star Ray Romano out on the stage to perform an impromptu stand-up routine.  The network execs were standing by, ready to announce a major campaign that would appeal to all who want to watch TBS and TNT shows on their mobile devices.

“They said earn your money,” Romano quipped. “Have you seen my paycheck?”

But these mishaps are like air for comedians and O’Brien took full advantage of it and quickly incorporated it in his routine.

“Alright, I guess I’ll do what I’m told. Beggars can’t be choosers.” he said after the stagehand told him to skip the routine that had the clip.

“I did this upfront last year. Frankly, I don’t know why TBS doesn’t do what it does best and run it again -– four freaking times.” Also: “We’re already No. 1 in TBS’ key demographic: People who can’t afford HBO.”

The glitch seemed to work to the advantage of the president of TNT Steve Koonin and kept ad buyers entertained.

“Unfortunately, we had a power surge,” he said. “It blew something. I’m Jewish –- I have no idea. … the shit stopped working. … I think you can make Univision tomorrow, but I’d ration your pastries and beverages. We’re not changing our pricing because of this, but our expenses are going down if you know what I mean.”

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