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Mike Lawrence and Nerdish Insecurities: ‘Sadamantium’

Lawrence portrays the backstory that makes every great comedian

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre: ‘Law and Disorder’

The show is long-form improv loosely based on the "Law and Order" series

Pete Holmes: ‘Nice Try, The Devil’

Pete Holmes brings a torchlight of comedy to very dark places

‘In Bed with Joan Rivers’ Overshadowed by in Bed Situation (VIDEO)

The intent behind the series is a solid one, but the waste of a legend for something like this turns my stomach

A Web Series Review of “Break-ups” (VIDEO)

"Break-ups" is an improvisational collection of awkward situations that most couples have gone through

Zach Stone is Gonna Be…Really, Really Annoying

If you'd like to ruin your image of Bo Burnham forever, watch this show

Comedian Marc Maron’s IFC Debut

Maron may just be the therapy we all need. Here's our review of his IFC pilot episode.

Jim Jefferies’ ‘Fully Functional’: An Annotated Timeline

Dirty words sound dirtier coming out of Jefferies’ mouth

Review: Al Madrigal’s ‘Why is the Rabbit Crying?’

When it comes to comedic storytelling, Madrigal is a bona fide master of the art

Danny Lobell’s ‘Some Kind of Comedian’

This CD is a wise investment of your time

Craig Ferguson’s ‘I’m Here to Help’: An Annotated Timeline

A hilarious summary of Ferguson's heralded Netflix special

Web Series: ‘After Hours’ at

The premise is simple: a group of employees from Cracked regularly go out to eat after work and discuss various aspects of pop culture

A Review about ‘Nathan, For You’

A reality show based around a business consultant that has lost his mind

Dylan Brody: Living Large (Audio Interview)

In the following interview I play clips from "Writ Large" with real-time commentary from Brody

Brendon Burns ‘Pompously Lectures Americans’

The paradigm of a foreigner performing for Americans is at the heart of Burns’ 10th live recording