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Best Stand-Up Comedians – Top 10 List Podcast – Episode 95

In each episode of The Top 10 List Podcast, a panel of comedians compete to get as many of their individual picks, from a list they prepared before the show, on a final top 10 list. Episode topics range from People who Changed the World to Most Doable Hollywood Actors.

Prime Minister Eddie Izzard? Comic Wants to Run for Office

Izzard revealed going through an epiphany - one he hopes will take his life in a new direction 

The British Invasion: Videos of Eddie Izzard, Ricky Gervais, and Russell Brand (Watch)

Everything sounds better with an accent – British, of coarse – including stories of sex addictions, drug abuse, and anything Darth Vader

Scottish Comedian Billy Connolly Perceived as ‘Most Influential Comedian of All Time’

It's a great honor to be be praised as the funniest man in the U.K. but its an even better honor to be voted as the most influential stand-up comedian of all time

San Francisco Comedy Festival Will Honor Eddie Izzard

The fabulous comedian Eddie Izzard will grace San Francisco's SK Sketchfest Comedy Festival and be honored on January 25, 2012 at 8 pm

Eddie Izzard is Busy Busy

Eddie Izzard does it all! From actor to comedian to marathon runner and being a political activist, he tries to mix things together. His newest accomplishment is speaking for Miles Axelrod, a range rover in Cars 2.