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Jerrod Carmichael’s First Stand-up Special is on His Own Terms

Jerrod Carmichael celebrated the release of his HBO comedy special in a way that was most true to him: eating Krispy Kreme donuts, drinking champagne, and doing stand-up comedy. A few nights before his first stand-up special “Love at the Store” was to air, Carmichael hosted a show

Sam Tripoli Talks Dirty Comedy, Sports Bets and Being Yourself

Sam Tripoli’s second album, Believe in Yourself, drops on AllThingsComedy May 20th.  Sam is an LA-based comedian, who founded The Naughty Show and was one of a tiny handful of people passed immediately to the Main Room of The Comedy Store by Mitzi Shore (fun fact: Roseanne

You Never Know When Dave Chappelle Will Stop by and Do a Tight 90

 The reclusive superstar Dave Chappelle dropped in at the Comedy Store last Wednesday

Is Dave Chappelle Coming Back to Television?

News - or shall I say gossip - broke this week that star comedian Dave Chappelle may be making a return to television.

Dava Krause: No Subject Is Off-Limits

After falling in love with the improv format, Krause considered moving to New York to pursue her career, but instead, moved with a good friend to L.A. “There are a lot of short Jewish girls in New York,” she quipped, “so I reasoned that