The host of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” comedian Stephen Colbert is returning to a place where he once made a life-changing career decision. According to Northwestern University school reports, Colbert will be their 2011 commencement speaker at graduation on June 17. He will also receive an honorary degree. The event will be held for the graduates and their families only.

“It’s a pleasure to celebrate a hero of popular culture and a serious master of political satire who is one of our own,” said Shari Diamond, chair of the honorary degree committee.

Colbert graduated from Northwestern University in 1986 with a degree in communication. While studying there, he fell in love with improv and joined forces with a fellow classmate and a future star of “Friends” David Schwimmer to create an improv team. He later joined The Second City and stayed there till 1994. He ended up moving to Comedy Central in 1995, taking his pals from The Second City Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello with him.

There’s no word on what Colbert is going to include in his speech to all the graduates, but chances are, it won’t be easy to forget.

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