South Park Isn't Going AnywhereWhat famous animated cartoon has been running for 15 seasons and features four crude cursing little boys? That’s right you guessed it, South Park.

IGN has released a list of why the animated sitcom, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, is still such an iconic television show after all of these years. They start of their list with how the cursing little boys on TV are still bringing in the dough for Comedy Central. They report that the premiere for the 2010 season had 3.7 million viewers , which was Comedy Central‘s highest-rated season premiere for any show since 1998. IGN continues to say that South Park “pushes the industry forward” with their writing and animation skills.

And think you know everything there is to know about South Park? has released a trivia game just for you to test your cartoon knowledge about the famous sitcom. You take quizzes such as, “Make Love, Not Warcraft”,”Butter’s Mega Quiz:#1″, and “Major Boobage.” Who wouldn’t want to play those games with titles like those?

Take the South Park Pop Quiz here:

And check out IGN TV’s full list of why South Park still matters to the world here:

Check out a clip from season 15 here, courtesy of!