Sasha, Malia, Obama, social media, vlogYouTube channel Barely Political is giving us a glimpse inside the White House — sort of. Barely Political now has a vlog of what the first daughters may be up to in their spare time.

Sasha and Malia are forbidden from using social media so one can only imagine what their life out of the lime light could be like. However, with The Sasha and Malia Show we can have a fictitious glimpse into their personal lives.

The Huffington Post reported that Franchesca Ramsey (from Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls) plays Malia and Abbi Crutchfield (from Curly Comedy) plays the role of Sasha.

In the vlog, we see the girls do typical slumber party-type activities to pass the time. From impersonating their parents comedically, to prank calling Hilary Clinton, these girls show that the real first daughters could actually be normal, mischievous girls. Even going as far as threatening a secret service agent with the loss of his job if he does not comply with their makeover tutorial, these girls have various forms of entertainment.

Of course, these are not the real Sasha and Malia, but it’s fun to assume what they spend their time doing since they are not involved in social media.

Check out the video below to see how Sasha and Malia might probably waste time.

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