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On stage he’s a force of nature, pacing the stage like a cyclone of funny as he questions authority and the conventions of our society one moment, then earnestly expresses his affinity for the bizarre the next. His comedy has no limits – its whatever he’s thinking about, and that’s usually what everyone else is thinking about, even though sometimes we don’t like to admit to it.

“I like to think of myself as the little voice in everyone’s head, except I have a microphone and I’m funnier”, Sam says.

Sam is originally from upstate New York, the small town of Cortland to be exact. Nothing of significance happened in Cortland. Ever. No doubt that’s why he packed his bags as soon as he graduated from high school and headed to Las Vegas, where he eventually got a degree in Psychology from UNLV. That’s why he knows so much about the little voices in peoples’ heads.

It was in Las Vegas that Tripoli was first called onto a comedy stage on a dare. Within a year he had jumpstarted the local comedy scene as a founding member of the Mutiny, an improv troupe that worked in a number of casinos, and his own weekly comedy show on the Vegas strip.

Knowing that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Sam headed to Los Angeles where what happens in L.A. is packaged into a TV or movie concept. There he clawed his way to the top of dangerously competitive comedy scene one joke and/or tiger punch to the face at a time,

Sam regularly performs as one of the Arabian Knights, a group of comics with a Middle Eastern ethnic background that has received national media attention (Newsweek, “Good Morning America”). As anyone who is not legally blind can easily ascertain, Sam is not Arab, which is probably why journalists, and even audience members, are often baffled by his presence in the show. The truth is he got in on a technicality: he’s Armenian, which means he’s one furry monkey, and that’s close enough.

Sam recently performed for our nation’s armed forces as part of an all-star line up of a comedy event organized by Vince Vaughn. Other than that, when he’s not on the road performing at colleges and clubs across the country, he’s in Los Angeles working on new material, because one day soon there will be a rapture.

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