Songwriter Rufus Wainwright is a poet and an artist, but a commercial sell out? I think not. When FunnyOrDie.Com has him sing to his hearts content on the juicy and wonderfulness of gum, he makes it quite magical. In a way, the childish and catchy tunes are stuck in your head yet again, but this time to the soft soothing voice of Mr. Wainwright. I can’t say I’m even a little annoyed.

We present to you, “The Front Desk,”  a new web series on Broadway Video’s new YouTube comedy network, Above Average. The first episode has Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader appearing three times as different people (kind of). He plays three, maybe four (not quite sure) identical brothers checking in to the hotel where a triplett convention is taking place. They ask to be arranged in either close proximity or extremely far proximity depending on the brother. 30 Rock star John Lutz (the concierge), is as baffled as you and I are by the end of the sketch. The brother in the guitar shirt is what really makes the video worth it.

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Jillian Trevisanut
After receiving a Bachelor's in English/Creative Writing and minor in Dance my aspirations were set to find a job that allowed me to write and dance at the exact same time. With AmericasComedy.Com I can literally do a jig while I'm typing up an article. In my spare time I freakishly love to clean, taking photographs, watching a good movie, dancing like a baboon and having a mad crush on Andy Samberg. I believe comedy is vital and am excited to be a part of this website!