According to, it was recently announced that director Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind, How The Grinch Stole Christmas) will be directing a live action version of the famous MAD Magazine comic strip Spy vs. Spy.

The well-known comic strip features two nearly identical spies, except that one is dressed in black, the other white, constantly trying to one-up each other with the use of various weapons and crazy antics in their effort to harm each other. The winner of each “skirmish” alternates between each new strip.

Created by Cuban comic artist Antonio Prohias, this signature black and white MAD Magazine staple was originally published by EC Comics in the January 1961 edition. But before he fled to New York in May of 1960, Prohias was famous in Cuba for the political satire he expressed through his comics. However this drew the ire of Fidel Castro and the artist was faced with the likelihood of losing his job, being arrested, and possibly executed.

Upon arriving in New York Prohias sought work in his own field and went to the offices of MAD Magazine two months later where he showed samples of his work along with the earliest versions of what would become Spy vs. Spy.

Years later, not only would the sketch comedy show MADtv would use these characters in animated shorts, but the Cartoon Network animated sketch series based off of MAD Magazine would feature them in sketches too.

Now, in its latest form, the story will be an action comedy revolving around two spies who keep going up against each other in the heightened and almost remorseless manner with David Koepp (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Jurassic Park) producing the movie and John Kamps writing the script.

No news yet as to when the movie will go into production.

Check out the animated Spy VS. Spy here: