sara benincasa

by Andrew Lisa

After moving from New York City just five months ago, Sara Benincasa hasn’t wasted any time since arriving in L.A.

For this diverse and prolific writer, stand-up comic and actress, the arts serve not only as an outlet for creative expression, but as another weapon in her public battle with mental illness.

Her successful book, “Agorafabulous” chronicles her struggle with agoraphobia – a panic disorder – which nearly drove her to suicide. Now Sara reaches out to similarly afflicted young people who may feel that they’re alone. She’s known to bring smiles and laughs to the people she helps.

Aside from her book, Sara’s writing schedule is grueling — even for high-volume writers. She pens for XOJane,, Jezebel and Wonkette, and has a running a Q&A column on Tumblr called “Sarah Benincasa Lives Here.”

She’s launching a new podcast after a successful run with a show in New York, and her web videos — including her dead-on Sarah Palin spoof that pre-dated Tina Fey’s on SNL — have won praise from critics and were picked up by the Huffington Post.

Sara is a must-follow on Twitter @sarajbenincasa, and everything else about her can be found on her website,