If the title of this article mades no sense, then this story isn’t for you!

Steve Carell has told BBC radio this week that the next season of The Office (which is lucky #7) could be his last. His contract is up at the end of the season and he feels that it could be time to permanently clock out of the paper business.

Can The Office really go on without their bumbling leader!? His character is one of NBC’s only mainstays besides Chuck and Kenneth the Page on 30 Rock. I can definitely see the producers of the show trying to keep The Office on the air a little bit longer with a new leader, just to milk a few more seasons of the franchise.

I, personally am a bit torn with this news. Ricky Gervais was a genius for taking the original Office off the air at it’s creative peek (he did the same with the equally hilarious Extras HBO show). Do I cheer at the prospect of The Office going out on top of it’s creative game (although many have argued it’s faltered the last few seasons) or do I beg for more episodes and wait for them to jump the shark before I groan about the show still being on the air?

Only time will tell what the final decision will be, but either way I know Ryan will stop be arguing with Kelly.

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