comedienne Melissa PetermanIf you can’t get enough of comedienne Melissa Peterman or have yet to discover her humor, then look no further. has announced that Peterman has joined on for a new comedy movie called, Here Comes the Boom.

The new movie focuses on a high school biology teacher that literally fights to save the school’s art program. According to Variety, Peterman will play the wife of the character and will attempt to try and re-flame the romantic spark in her marriage.

AmericasComedy.Com had the chance to chat with Melissa Peterman while she was working on her show, Working Class. Here is what she said about her television show at the beginning of the year.

“I think that we [her husband] are all just really excited about ‘that thing where you dream about something happening and it didn’t happen when you thought and you waited and then when it did, it was better than you ever dreamed it was going to be, and the timing was perfect and it is the project that you were supposed to wait for. I really feel that this is the one.”

She is best known from starring in her own show on CMT, Working Class, hosting the CMT’s Country Music Awards Red Carpet Show, and hosting the CMT’s reality competition show The Singing Bee.

Here Comes the Boom will be directed by Frank Coraci and hits theaters July 27th.

Read up on her interview from earlier this year with AmericasComedy.Com here:

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