In an interview with the USA Today, comedian and actress Margaret Cho talked about her professional life and current projects. Cho has been doing stand-up and starring as Teri in the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva. In one of NBC’s latest 30 Rock episodes she displayed her fantastic range as North Korean dictator and wacko Kim Jong Il.

Cho said that Drop Dead Diva will have a lot of celebrity features this season. “This year we have Paula Abdul again, and Wanda Sykes and Lance Bass and Clay Aiken and Amanda Bearse are all in one (episode). We’ve always got great guest stars.”

Cho also revealed that she’s really into the Foo Fighters and is now using her first ever IPhone. She’s also working on an album entitled “Cho Dependent.”

“The album … is all kind of, like, songs about my family and race and Asian identity, so it’s called The Yellow Album,” said Cho.

The real treat from the interview had to come when Cho revealed the astounding number of tatoos she has.

“They’re all stuck together, so 50 or 60, maybe. About half of my body is completely tattooed. But they’re easily hidden, so that’s what’s important. I don’t really show them for acting and stuff. It’s nice to have the option to show them or not.”

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Season 3 of Drop Dead Diva appears June 19th, and Cho said she will be touring in England after her album drops.

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