marc ungerMarc Unger is a veteran comedian who has performed in some of the nation’s top comedy clubs. He has also made a number of TV appearances, most notably on the hit NBC sitcom Friends and NBC’s Friday Night Videos. Currently he can be heard in the Baltimore area on WBAL 1090 from 9pm to midnight broadcasting his own show of comedy and socio-political commentary on “The Marc Unger Show.” Partnering with Next Round Entertainment, Marc brings forth his debut stand-up album Dirty Truth.

The topics of the Dirty Truth range from smoking to masturbation to reality TV, as one middle-aged man sees them.  In the second track, “Sex with a ‘Much Too Young’ Wife” he talks about the differing viewpoints that he and his wife have when approaching sex. “My wife loves sex. She wants to have sex constantly because she’s 26. I’m 45 and I love the History Channel.”

One of things Unger does so well is delve into his fears, particularly those that relate to his aging. When talking about this he expresses the sentiment, “In five years, I’m just gonna start peeing constantly.” And while this gets a big laugh from the crowd one can sense the simultaneous hilarity and honesty emitted in such a statement.

Having a young wife, he relays to the audience how often the subject of babymaking comes up. As a man in his 40’s he realizes that the time for him to have a child is now, before he gets to old. Yet at the same time he’s concerned that his wife doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. He equates it to having a dog saying, “[My wife] thinks that having a dog and having a kid are the same thing, which is ridiculous. ‘Cuz our dog barks at himself in the mirror. If you’re kid does that, there’s a telethon.”

While reminiscing about his former coke habit, Marc’s next big move is to lobby for the ubiquitous legality of drugs for senior citizens. After all, once you’ve raised kids, cared for them, paid for college and watched them become adults what do they do? They put you in a nursing home. At that point Marc simply says, “Fuck jell-o day. It’s Bingo and Blow Night at Happy Acres!” This gets a huge laugh while Unger goes on talking about the rewarding nature of having a grandmother hooked on meth.

Unger is refreshing, brutally honest and hilariously captivating for people often sick and overwhelmed by today’s accelerated and hysterical culture. His satiric and honest approaches toward his subjects are his strengths. He evenly cuts into societies problems as well as reserving his own self-deprecation (In one instance he recounts a run-in with what he thought might be knee cancer). Unger produces a hilarious CD just short of an hour with a seasoned comedian’s skill and warm-hearted cynicism.

Check out Unger’s album on Itunes here.

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