louis ckA few hours before the 54th annual Grammy Awards began it was announced that Louis C.K.’s Hilarious won for the category of Best Comedy Album. C.K. beat out Weird Al Yankovic, Kathy Griffin, Patton Oswalt and  The Lonely Island. Hilarious was C.K.’s 2010 comedy special. It’s partnering video release actually enjoyed a limited theater run in select cities as well as an appearance at Sundance.

Upon hearing of the news C.K took to Twitter with the following tweet: “Im cooking rice green beans, steak for the kids (gf chicken fingers too) and someone just told me i won a Grammy. well golly.”

A few minutes later he added, “Thank you to whoever decides to give those things to people. And thank you to people who buy things that i make and then laugh.”

C.K. caused a stir in the comedy community upon the release of his most recent special, “Live at the Beacon Theater” when he sold the hour plus of stand-up for just $5. It will be interesting to see if C.K. can secure a possible nomination/win during next year’s Grammys with the independent, self-produced album.

Listen to a bit from C.K.’s Grammy winning album here, courtesy of YouTube:

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