Louis C.K. gets me. I mean yeah there’s the age disparity of 24 years, his lashing out constantly at my generation for being the “shittiest one yet,” and he’s a balding overweight man with a sweating problem. But despite all our differences, Louis seems to speak to something that’s inside me. He talks about a place that’s inside all of us. A place that can only be approached through painful honesty and dark humor; a skill that he has not only perfected, but one that is uniquely his.

Louis launches right into his special without any warm up act, even while people are still finding their seats. From there he talks about death (predicting with fair certainty that someone in the audience will die in the next two months), and being a better person, something he is content with thinking about but never doing: “I have a lot of beliefs but live by none of them,” he says.

C.K. also delves into littering and environmentalists, the boring nature of his kids, and smoking pot with fans. He covers all of the bases, outfield corners, foul territory and hits a home run into the bleachers with this special. What audiences and fans remember about Louis is not the amount of times they laugh at him but the amount of times they see themselves in him and then laugh at themselves. Humor is often linked to shared experience, even if a lot of that experience is really just the same insane thoughts running around our heads (i.e. I too want to help people, and that alone makes me a better person for thinking it, right?).

Louis C.K. Live at the Bacon Theatre costs $5 for two digital downloads and two online streams via Paypal. As opposed to seeing it premiere on cable or as part of my monthly regimen of Netflix, Live at the Bacon Theatre is only available on louisck.net. It’s different, it’s trendy, it’s appealing and frankly I felt dirty after I did it. Did I spend the money? Absolutely. It’s half the price and half the length of a movie and it’s better than most things at the cinema. (Seriously, let’s take a moment to laugh at the people who actually went out and paid to see New Year’s Eve.)

But I did spend the money reluctantly only because I didn’t want to have to endure the impossible 12 hour wait for it to show up on torrenting sites. That, and I believe in supporting things I love. It’s why my local egg nog guy knows me by name. That’s right, I have an egg nog guy.

So go buy it. It will make you laugh, feel better about yourself, and at the very least, you can help support a fat, middle-aged, balding guy with a sweating problem.

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