If you put comedian Louis C.K. and former Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld together in one show, strange things are bound to happen.

C.K., who currently stars in the FX comedy series Louie (which he also writes, directs and edits), had one question for Rumsfeld on the Opie and Anthony radio show on Sirius XM: “Are you a lizard?” Of all possible questions one might foresee, this was the one least expected.

“There’s still those people out there who think Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney are actually lizards,” C.K. said. “Literally, there are people who think they are lizards from outer space that eat human flesh.”

C.K. asked the question again and again, until Rumsfeld replied: “Here’s the short answer.” Turns out the answer was not only far from being short, but also absolutely unrelated to C.K.’s delight, who kept chuckling in the background and saying “he’s a lizard” while show hosts kept apologizing.

Here’s the entire 20 minute segment with Louis C.K. and Donald Rumsfeld on Opie and Anthony.

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