Larry King might be saying his good-byes to the show, but enjoying a peaceful and quiet  retirement is not on his list. You might as well dismiss a picture of King sitting by the lake with a fishing pole, his suspenders tucked away in the closet, birds chirping …

According to a recent interview in New York  Magazine, the host of  “Larry King Live” exchanges his sitting down career for a stand-up one.

“I’m funny,” says King. “I’m going to do stand-up. That’s what I love.”

King , who turned 77 in November, though looking a bit frail these days, still retains his distinctive personality, and signature glasses and suspenders are here to stay. Having grown up on welfare, the Brooklyn native is greatful for his career and success that came with it.

“When people want to take pictures, I stop. What’s the big fucking deal? I never felt bugged. I never forgot where I came from,” says King.

King has been an object of all sorts of jokes and impressions for a long time. The host of online chat show Kevin Pollak even created “The Larry King Game,” where guests have to do their best Larry King impersonation.

Now seven times divorcé and a father of five is ready to spring into action and shoot some jokes at us. If he doesn’t forget, that is.

“I put a hooker in a closet once. Or twice. Or was it my wife? Roswell! You are on the air!” (smacking lips).

What is your best Larry King expression?

To watch guests of Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show play the “Larry King Game”, check out this video!

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