Comedian Kevin HeartShaq has finally met his ‘mini-me’ and it’s Kevin Hart. Hart, who will host the upcoming BET Awards, appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno show with Justin Timberlake last Thursday and immediately began to poke fun at recent retiree Shaquille O’Neal.

“What is Shaq doin’? Since he is retired, I’ve seen him in the most random places.” It’s hard to miss Shaq at 7’1″-especially when compared to Hart’s 5’4″. When Shaq finally does come out on stage and we are able to see him and Hart together that you can really understand just how tall Shaq is and how tall Hart is not. Shaq is a good sport throughout the rest of the interview as Hart discusses his injuries and how they compare to the injuries received by the famous athlete. The interview is hilarious and worth watching regardless of your basketball preferences.

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