Kathy Griffin wants you to know that vajazzling her private parts is like getting it ready for a date. And Griffin had a very public date planned for her vagina. “And I want my ‘little pink lady’ to look it’s best,” she explained.

Griffin televised a very public pap smear to help the “Tell Cancer To Suck It!” campaign. Griffin wore a bikini that highlighted the delicately placed crystals that adorned her private parts. Though the episode was filmed at the Palomar hotel in Hollywood and shown on her Bravo network TV show, “My Life On The D-List,” Griffin told Marc Malkin of E!Online, “You will not be seeing the actual part of the hoo-ha where the speculum will be going, because I don’t want to have people vomiting.”

In a recent interview with Doug Elfman of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Griffin gave this blow-by-blow account of the installation of the embellishments and how they are maintained.

“You have to get waxed first. … They do use (an adhesive) like clear eyelash glue. It stays on during ‘the action,’ unless you pull it off.

“I actually showered around it. They said if you don’t scrub it off, you can keep it up to two weeks.

“They come off when they want to come off. So I had something like a row of stars. And by the end of the first week, I just had this random array of sequins.

“When people think of me, they should think of vajazzling.”

We agree. Here is a clip of Griffin’s preparations. Enjoy!

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