Comedian and musician, 21-year old Evan Emory, finds himself facing felony charges and 20 years in prison after producing a joke video, according to

The video is of Emory performing children songs at a elementary school. No harm done right? Not until, he decided to later record a song with sexually explicit lyrics and edit the video making it seem as if he was singing that song to the kids. Although the explicit song was not actually sung in front of the kids, Emory faces felony charges for “manufacturing child sexual abusive material.”

The prosecutor for the case explains,“As prosecutor of Muskegon County, I feel I have a strong obligation to vigorously defend all the children in our county. To insinuate on a tape that you want to perform perverted acts on children is clearly within the scope of the law with which Mr. Emory is charged.”

Emory explains that he never intended to bring any harm to children.