comedian Jamie KalerIt’s an unwritten rule that women cannot deny a man in uniform. It’s simply impossible. Comedian Jaime Kaler knows this all too well. After all, he used to be a member of the United States Navy.
But, the sad part is, he can’t seem to fit into his old uniform.
“I can’t snap my white dress bottoms on anymore,” Kaler truthfully confessed. “I think I put them on for some girl a few years ago. How does your thigh grow bigger as you get older?” he joked.
Once a Navy Lieutenant who didn’t take things too seriously, Kaler uses his trouble making days in the Navy as his inspiration for comedy.
“I got lowered off of a helicopter onto the ship, and I’m cracking jokes,” he recalls. “And they’re like, ‘This is not funny.’ And I’m like, ‘Look at me! I’m Chuck Norris!’ “
Many know Jamie from his popular show Kaler on SiriusXM’s Blue Collar Radio – and of course his stand-up schtick.
This summer, Kaler will re-team with his “My Boys” co-star Mike Bunin for an original series with DirecTV called “On Deck with Jamie and Mike,” where they’ll tour America’s best baseball stadiums.

He also just completed filming for the feature movie, “The Wicked.”

Kaler sat down with CNN for a video interview in Chicago to discuss life in the Navy, which apparently can be a little dirty. You can read CNN’s full story on Kaler by clicking here:

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