“Man, I’m F-ing killing tonight,” said Jamie Kaler during his stand-up performance at a comedy club in Columbus, Ohio last Saturday. He couldn’t have been more right.

A woman, who came to celebrate her 40th birthday to Funny Bone comedy club, laughed so hard at Kaler’s joke, that she started choking.

“That might be the best compliment I ever had,” said Kaler,watching the lady gasp for air. He then realized the situation was no laughing matter, informing everyone that “we might need some help … she’s not joking”.

With the help from the audience giving the Heimlich maneuver, the woman was able to breathe again.

“What’s amazing is I’m filming this … I’ve got to put that on my YouTube,” said Kaler to in hopes to defuse the situation.”I just made someone laugh, till they almost f-ing died.”

This woman will never forget her 40th birthday. Same probably goes for Kaler.

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