(Editor’s Note: This article was written by The Amazing Betty, of The Inverse Delirium Podcast)

“What began as a lark, to see if I ‘could’ do a podcast, has turned into a truly surprising journey.”

So says Geoffrey Welchman, the creator and host of The Inverse Delirium Podcast, which is celebrating its second anniversary with a parade saluting a neighborhood in the podcast’s home town of Baltimore. The show features local names like singer Marc Avon Evans, radio talk-show host Ann Quasman, and lovingly sends up a host of local fixtures such as the NPR affliate (WYPR), the Senator Theater, the Adam & Eve Hair Salon, and the Wendy’s at Bellona/York.

In its first two years, The Inverse Delirium Podcast has grown from a one-man endeavor to include mock-interviews with Baltimore-based musicians, artists, and personalities, with occasional “big names” making appearances (Kevin Pollak, Philip Proctor, Jackie Kashian). Each show is about 15 minutes long, and in contrast to the typical two-people and a mic format, the InveDel podcast features a slick studio sound.

Welchman likens his podcast’s hyper-local comedy to the acclaimed TV show Portlandia, with his adopted home town of Baltimore serving as the nexus of his satire. “Baltimore has a thriving creative community, with talented musicians, actors, and comedians,” he said. “I’m happy to exploit this great pool of talent.”

Welchman’s biggest comedy influences include a mix of British (Python, the Goons, Mitchell & Web) and American (Mr. Show, Firesign Theatre) sketch-comedy giants, along with such podcasts as Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show and WTF with Marc Maron.

The show posts twice a month at InverseDelirium.Com. You can listen to a sample by clicking here.

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