I Love Lucy, Christmas

by Stacey Adams

Even though we haven’t gotten completely through Halloween, talk of Christmas is already in the air. The CBS Television Network is bringing back I love Lucy just in time for you to break out the mistletoe.

LaughSpin reported that CBS will air the classic “Lucy’s Italian Movie” episode (with the classic grape stomping scene,) as well as “The Christmas Epsiode” on Friday, December 20. “The Christmas Episode” has been known as one of the lost episodes of the comedy series due to the fact that it aired only once during the show’s run and has not been rebroadcast since it was found in 1989.

Both these classic episodes have been thoroughly colorized for their return, except for the flashback scenes of the episodes which will remain in black and white.

This is sure to be a great Christmas for I Love Lucy fans, with not only the return of the show on television, but also with one of the episodes being a rare gem.

The return of I Love Lucy will air on Friday, December 20 on CBS at 8 p.m. EST.

Until, then I Love Lucy fans will have to be patient and hope that the the return of the series will last longer than the holidays and become part of a permanent line-up.

Enjoy the video below.