According to, Peter and Bobby Farrelly will complete the casting for The Three Stooges.

So far, Hank Azaria best known from The Simspons has earned the role Moe, the Stooges front man, and MadTV alum Will Sasso has been cast as Curly. There are also rumors that James Marsden star from Enchanted, might be cast as Larry.

Originally there was a rumor that Johnny Knoxville from “Jackass”, Andy Samberg from “Saturday Night Live”, and Australian comic Shane Jacobson would be possible cast members for the new Farrelly bothers movie.

The movie plans to follow the format of the original shorts that will be divided into three parts, each 27 minutes long.

“There will be non-stop slapping, more in the tone of Dumb and Dumber than anything else we’ve done,” Farrelly said on the Deadline website. “Our goal is 85 minutes of laughs in a film that will be very respectful of who the Stooges were. It’s by far the riskiest project we’ve ever done, without question, but it is also the one closest to our hearts.”

Check out the trailer for Hall Pass, directed by the Farrelly brothers!

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