Stephen Colbert has been known to use his fame for a good cause. He donated his birthday in 2009 to for classroom materials to encourage people to donate instead of giving him gifts; In 2007, he encouraged wrist awareness for after breaking his wrist on his show, The Colbert Report, and donated the proceeds of his red Wrist bracelets to the Yellow Ribbon Fund for injured service men and women, and gave a portrait to an art auction for The portrait raised $26,000 for classroom charities, but Colbert took it even one step further.

Colbert announced on his show that celebrity and late night show host Jimmy Fallon, who is Colbert’s BFFSM (Best Friends For Six Months) would be matching the $26,000 donation to Donors Choose earlier this week. Fallon shared the announcement with his audience and they applauded it. “But here’s the thing,” Fallon said. “I never said that.”

Colbert came onto Fallon’s show in response to Fallon’s remarks about never promising money and being upset that Colbert put words in his mouth. Colbert, with mock offense, said “If you can’t donate $26,000 of your best friend’s money without asking him first, then what’s the point of being best friends?”

After Colbert left, Fallon announced that he needed help from his audience to match the orginal $26,000 donation by this Friday. He said that if the donation goal was met, Colbert would do a cover of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ with accompaniment by the Roots this Friday, April 1st.

Fans of Colbert and Fallon can go to The goal has to be met by Friday April 1st and according to the Website, this is NOT an April Fool’s day Joke.

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