“I just flipped off a baby. That is all.”

These are the words that are first read when you enter the website of comedian Doug Mellard. Behind the Mic got a chance to talk with the comic about his thoughts on Justin Bieber and winning the “Funniest Person in Austin” award.

“My comedy bounces around quite a bit, mirroring my own thought process–I can’t sit still or pay attention for very long. My best material comes from letting the reigns off my A.D.D., and doing lots of peyote,” Mellard says in the interview.

He also admits his love for pop singer, Justin Bieber, or should it be called tough love?

“I’m obsessed with Justin Bieber…obsessed with punching Bieber in the tiny Bieber face, but I would never punch a woman,” he said.

Doug Mellard comedy could be seen from Comedy Central‘s Live at Gotham and NBC’s Last Comic Standing. In May of 2006, he was named the “Funniest Person in Austin,” a title that gives him bragging rights to this day.

“Winning ‘Funniest Person In Austin’ helped to propel me a little further and gave me bragging rights to all of my comedian friends in Austin that no longer talk to me because I still wear the crown and cape and talk down to them,” Mellard said.

Doug also gives some tips for audience members so they can be perpared to see him live at a comedy show.

“Bring an extra pair of pants because I’m clumsy and may spill punch all over them. And leave the kids at home…if they’re not of age…but, not unsupervised–be responsible and get a sitter. Oh, and leave your pets at home, too, because nothing ruins a comedy show like an unruly cat or a rabid dog,” Mellard added in the interview.

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