Do you miss Dana Carvey’s impressions on SNL? He is certainly among the finest of celebrity impersonators of all time. As history has shown, Carvey’s appearances on late night talk shows usually digress into a one man show involving Carvey and many of his signature characters. His last appearance on The Tonight Show was par for the course. Leno set him up and each time and Carvey delivered. Carvey’s impressions began by juxtaposing the “sincere” yet “jumpy” style of Mitt Romney’s speech with Barack Obama’s “zen master” style.

In Carvey’s take on Romney, the presidential candidate says things without speaking such as, “I like to set people on fire… I mean… I like to fire people who don’t provide me services” and “I hate poor people and I want to kill them… I mean, I hate that they’re poor, and it’ll kill them!”

Some have compared this take on Romney to Kanye West’s opinion that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Although this is not a glowing recommendation of Romney, it is not a denunciation of his candidacy. Carvey’s impression merely points out Romney’s disadvantages in the fight to the top. In no way does Carvey take a political stance. Truth in comedy is one of the very factors that make things funny – and a main tenant in Carvey’s schtick. He merely recreates what he sees with his very own comic perspective. It’s funny because it’s true.

Tell us what you think! Was Carvey indirectly endorsing Obama?

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