Mike Lawrence, Sadimantium

by Alex Schildgen

Mike Lawrence is described as a “hot young comic” but let’s be realistic here, just because modern medicine allows people to live longer lives doesn’t mean 30 is the new 20.

Getting past the boring monotone descriptions that are used to detail the career of every comedian, Lawrence is no doubt a funny dude. He’s appeared on “Conan”, John Oliver’s “New York Stand-Up Show” and “Marc Maron’s WTF podcast”.

Mike Lawrence’s comedic style tells the story of a self-deprecating nerd, which is to say it’s a little pop culture and “hipsteresque” but without sounding like a snarky loathsome little bitch. Lawrence portrays the backstory that makes every great comedian. He was picked on in school,  had daddy issues and has a love for cool, weird shit (in Lawrence’s case it’s comic books and comedy).

And, there’s nothing better than a good ol’ fashion addiction joke.

“I come from a long line of alcoholics. We got a car wrapped around our family tree.”

A lot of Lawrence’s material seems written, which is fair to say after listening to multiple shows. When he performs a joke it’s always consistent, but more importantly it’s always natural. His writing seems very formulaic, but all of the stories and jokes sound like they’re coming from that kid in the middle school group who goes on random tirades about mundane shit. (I was always really good friends with that kid).

Lawrence recounts walking in on his stepfather masturbating: “You gotta understand when you walk in on a bald guy masturbating it’s like he’s strangling a smaller version of himself.”

During the performance, there are a few times where he breaks away from the material and talks to the crowd. One of the bits actually depends on audience interaction. After recounting his life as a McDonalds employee, Lawrence challenges his audience to name a year between 1999 and 2006 so that he can tell them the toys McDonalds was selling that year. One audience member yells out “97’”.

“Fuck you, you just added years to my resume,” Lawrence chuckles. “It’s like in ’97 you were just an aspiring McDonald’s employee, you looked at a clown and were just like, ‘I want that to be my boss’.”

Just in case you can’t decipher any of my shitty back-handed compliments, “Sadamantium” is a great album, and the jokes on it are told by a funny, highly original comedic character. It’s definitely worth the laughs.

“Sadamantium” is being released under Comedy Central records on May 28. Currently Lawrence is headlining across the country and will have an episode of Comedy Central’s “Half Hour” on Friday, May 31 at 12:30 a.m.