eddie murphy, comedy, comedian, comedy newsIt was only a matter of time till Saturday Night Live alum Eddie Murphy and the comically charming Ben Stiller decided to make a movie together. The film is called The Tower Heist, and it looks incredibly entertaining.

The story goes a little like this: A group of well-trained staff at a high class apartment building work for some of the richest people in the world. A resident financial genius, played by Alan Alda (M*A*S*H), is at first viewed as the wealthiest and most honorable man in the building. Little does everyone know that he is actually a huge con. It just seems so wrong since he apparently said he saved all those people in the Korean War (I’m dripping with sarcasm if you couldn’t tell).

Ben Stiller’s character is somewhat of a support system when it comes to the group of employees in the building and when they find out that $20 million has been stolen from their accounts, Stiller takes action. His thoughts are of the unthinkable: robbing back all of their money. Of course his initial reaction is to get his sticky fingered daycare buddy, Eddie Murphy, out of jail who apparently steals like nothing you’ve ever seen. Thus the plot has left us wondering, will this really work?

Other big name actors in the film are Mathew Broderick, Casey Affleck, Tea Leoni, and Gabourey Sidibe. Tower Heist is scheduled for release in theaters November 4, 2011.

You check out some vintage Murphy stand-up by clicking here:

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