Hollywood actor and comedian Rob Schneider vented a scaithing critique of the retail giant Walmart during his 5-city tour in India this weekend. The new star of the CBS sitcom “Rob!” warned India not to support the company’s entry into their domestic market.

“A couple of years from now, India will surpass the US with its economic prowess,” advised Schneider. “Now with Walmart entering the Indian market, you guys have to decide between capitalism or respect for human dignity. At least the Brits had the decency to colonise India by pointing a gun to your head, but Walmart is using a whole different army. They will take your labor, your money, ruin your environment, and then go back home.”

Schneider was clearly not in a joking mood during this particular Q&A with reporters. The comedian also showed his support for the Occupy Wall Street protestors sweeping across America.

“Even though I belong to the one per cent, I’d do anything to help out the other 99 per cent, for unbridled capitalism is the biggest threat to economy.”

Lastly, Schneider dismissed a question pertaining to American culture, where he basically suggested there is none.

“American culture, what culture? We are building up everything now. I bet the carpet in this hotel’s hallway is older than American culture.”

Check out some stand-up from Schneider here, courtesy of YouTube:

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