Recently, a news story was reported that a long-term rumor that has been circulating throughout the comedy world for years just might be true.

Comedian and opening act for the late Sam Kinison, Carl LaBove claimed in court that the child that he has paid child support to his ex-wife for years was actually fathered by Kinison. The notorious Kinison died in a car crash in 1992.

La Bove, claims that he is obtained DNA test results that prove Kinison as the father. DNA tests taken from Kinison’s brother Bill allegedly show a 99.8 per cent likelihood the late comedian is the father of the unnamed offspring, who is now 21, it was reported in various news outlets. The test results also rule out any possibility La Bove is the father according to the claim.

La Bove has been paying maintenance for nearly 13 years after splitting from the girl’s mother, but he has now filed legal papers claiming the child is Kinison’s. There is speculation that La Bove came clean after such a long time because he hopes this news will free him from years of unpaid child support penalties.

As the speculation swirls in the media, Punchline Magazine reports that on Monday, an episode of WTF with Marc Maron will go live, wherein Maron sits down with La Bove to get the full story.

Tune in Monday for the link to Punchline Magazine’s exclusive audio clips!

While we wait for the real story, watch this signature Kinison routine, “Jesus Didn’t Have A Wife” (As for most of Kinison’s work, it’s NSFW)

Steven Bloom
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