comedian, chris rock, trayvon martin, interview, eddie murphyOn Friday the 13th comedian Chris Rock spoke to Mickey Rapkin of Details magazine. The two addressed a myriad of topics and I encourage all Rock fans to click over and read the transcript in it’s entirety.

My two favorite excerpts had to do with the Trayvon Martin story and Eddie Murphy. Rock compares his view of the incident to fellow comedian Bill Cosby’s, who called the death of the Floridian teen a “gun” story as opposed to a race story.

When asked if it was too soon to joke about the Zimmerman/Martin shooting, Rock replied, “There’s no joke there, unfortunately. It’s sad. When you get old, it’s like, ‘Damn it, I’ve seen this.’ I’m from Bed-Stuy. I marched for Yusuf Hawkins, you know? I don’t totally agree with Bill Cosby. He said it wasn’t racial, it’s a gun issue. Well, it’s a gun-racial issue. You know what makes you approach a six-foot-three black guy in the middle of the night? A gun. Paul Blart’s not supposed to have a gun.”

The Paul Blart joke is of course a reference to the Kevin James movie where the actor plays an overweight, overly aloof fake mall cop. Rock was then asked if he thought Eddie Murphy would ever come back to stand-up (I’m keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that he does).

“Barring financial ruin, I don’t think so,” Rock answered. “I think we’ll see a Richard Pryor hologram on tour before we see Eddie Murphy.” Check out the full interview here. 

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