comedian, bill maher, jay lenoComedian and political satirist Bill Maher is back from his annual August vacation. In an effort to plug his hit show “Real Time With Bill Maher” he appeared on The Tonight Show with host Jay Leno. The two sat down and discussed presidential candidates and current events.

Maher was up to his usual self. When Rep. Michelle Bachmann was mentioned the comedian quipped, “Ah, Michelle Bachmann…for people who thought Sarah Palin was too intellectual.”

(I don’t care who you are that’s funny right there!)

Maher’s next episode will broadcast on HBO September 16th. You can watch clips of him and his guests “going overtime” at

The comedian also appeared on Chris Hardwick’s podcast, “The Nerdist,” which can be downloaded for free off of Itunes. The two recorded their conversation from Maher’s home in Los Angeles, California, and talked about Maher’s experience when he first began his stand-up career.

“At first it was horrible…but then after you can at least get laughs for twenty minutes, it became, for me at least, elating,” he said.

“I remember those gigs, you know, where you’d work four or five days in a town,” Maher lamented. “But the last ten years have been pure joy.”

Check out a clip from Maher’s popular segment, “New Rules,” courtesy of YouTube: