During an interview with Broadway Beat, Chris Rock revealed his honest love for Broadway in his new play, “The Mother F**ker With The Hat.”

“I just like this play so much. I like the fact that sometimes Broadway can be a little over the average man’s head, but this play is for everybody. It works on so many levels,” Rock said. “It’s so honest and real. If you walked into our rehearsal, or you were listening from outside you would go ‘when does rehearsal start?’ Because it sounds like people talking for real. It doesn’t sound like ‘acting.'”

The F**ker With The Hat” is directed by Anna D. Sharpio is a complicated love story about two people who have been in live since the 8th grade. The plays debut is on Monday April 11, 2011 at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. Rock explains that the play is a show that everyone can enjoy and that he hasn’t been in a theater type of experience since working on Saturday Night Live.

“People will see this play and say ‘oh maybe I’ll go see another show, or another show.’ But it’s gotta work for the audience. I think that the bus driver will like this, and the lawyer will like this. That’s what I think,” Rock said.