“I’m on a drug – it’s called Charlie Sheen.” Yes, we know Charlie, your tiger blood is overflowing with your own self-named drug. But why must you bring your “winning” personality to the world of stand-up comedy?

Mr. Sheen has been bombarding the headlines for weeks and frankly the world is growing a little tired of it. In the spirit of his recent bombing during his opening night of his stand-up comedy tour “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option Show,” my roommate gave me the brilliant idea of comparing him to other Charlies in the comedy world that are funnier than Mr. Sheen.

Mr. Sheen if you can attempt stand-up comedy then I can compare you to other comedians, sounds fair right? This is a short list of six people and loveable characters named Charlie that are funnier than Charlie Sheen; they that would not leave an audience booing or asking for a refund.

Charlie Chaplin: Chaplin is first on the list because his movies and humor from the 1920’s still lives in the hearts of many people today. TIME Magazine reported that Chaplin was named “the greatest actor in movie history” in a worldwide survey of film critics.

Charlie Brown: Although Charlie Brown is only a cartoon character created by Charles Schulz, I bet the shy, lovable, bald, cartoon character would kill on stage during a stand-up show. Would you really ask for a refund or start booing after hearing him say, “Good Grief”?

Charlie Murphy: This well known cast member and writer from the Chappelle Show could beat Charlie Sheen in a comedy contest any day.

Charlie Williams: During the 1970’s this comedian became one of Britain’s first well-known African American stand-up comedians.

Charlie Bit Me: Yes, the two little boys in the famous “Charlie bit my Finger” YouTube video, which has more than 300 million views, can probably manage to get more laughs than the actor from Two and a Half Men on a stage.

Charlie Day: This hilarious television and film actor from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has made people LOL after watching any episode from the popular sitcom. Charlie Day and his crew on the show always manage to get into mischief that can leave anyone on the floor laughing.

Sorry Charlie Sheen but it seems like there are many other Charlie comedians that the world would rather pay to see live, for a comedy show. Yup, even including a cartoon character.

Check out Charlie Sheen: The Unedited Version, courtesy of YouTube.com!