Chad Daniels has certainly been busy. He is a popular and reoccurring guest on the immensely successful radio show, The Bob and Tom Show. He has a Comedy Central half hour special, as well as a pair of stand-up comedy albums and has been headlining across the country for the past few years.  Daniels not only did well at the Gilda Laughfest national stand-up competition last March, but won $10,000 at the festival for his comedic skill. And on June 19, not ony will he be appearing on Conan, but his new special As Is will be breaking barriers by being the first online stand-up special to preimere on LaughSpin.Com – which is pretty rad.

It’s quite obvious he has put in the work and paid his dues which is incredibly evident in his new album You’re the Best which I had the enormous pleasure of listening to yesterday.

Chad expertly applies one of my favorite stand-up comedy techniques, which is the perfect utilization of the tangent. Chad will start with a topic and take it so far so fast that you forget what the hell he originally started talking about – but who cares because you’re laughing your balls off. His album is wonderfully crafted in both material and cadence. Daniels finds a way for every joke to flow naturally.

The audience, and listeners will be happy to let Daniels guide you through his material which, at times, can be a perilous journey through topics that include abortion, interracial relationships, and children with STD’s. While these subject are incredibly taboo, the way in which Daniels presents his material makes you happy you followed his train of thought to the end. He ropes the audience in with an idea or premise, then it’s like he challenges them to like him. Listening to Daniel’s try and find the line and then deliberately cross it on stage is a real treat.

In short, this album will take you places your soul will not want to go, but that’s the point. Laughter is really the only way in which a person can speak upon subjects viewed as taboo in society and Daniels exploits the hell out of this. Normally when I listen to stand-up I’m working or I’m driving or doing something. But for You’re the Best, I literally sat on my chair looked up to ceiling and listened to it from beginning to end. His style and subject captivated me to the point where I could just sit and enjoy, and that’s one of the highest compliments I can bestow towards a comedian.

Well done Chad. Well done indeed.

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