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Gary Kroeger: Mr. Kroeger Goes To Washington

by Mike Sgroi Comedy and politics seem to be constantly running into each other. From the first time a king appointed a royal jester to President Obama’s “Anger Interpreter”, these two worlds appear to revolve around the same sun. While comedians find material from the fodder of politicians,

Neko White: The Intro of the Whole Story

At fourteen years old, a teenager is getting ready for high school.  Trying out for sports, joining after school clubs, and starting to date are things one does commonly at that age.  For Neko White, being fourteen also meant becoming a stand-up comedian.  After seven years in,

Mark Normand: Relatably Edgy

Mark Normand is a hilarious comedian with a unique voice.  Literally, he has a very unique voice. Comedically as well, that old-timey tone and his innocent looking face let him get away with a lot of things other comedians can’t. He’s recently been seen on Last Comic

Kurt Metzger Wants You to Buy His Album So He Can Stop Working All The Time

Kurt Metzger is a lot of things – a curmudgeon, a Facebook provocateur, a bit of a lunatic and a brilliant stand-up. He’s co-host of the RaceWars podcast, a refreshingly honest (and funny) take on current events and hot button issues; he’s written for Inside Amy Schumer

Jim Florentine: Fearlessy Funny

The world has become a very politically correct place.  Whether the intent was for a good reason or out of fear of those complaining, the conversation has lost its honesty.  Enter the comedian.  Even more specifically, enter Jim Florentine.  Co-host of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show and

Andy Sandford – Beards, Bummers and Booze

Andy Sandford was one of the first New York comedians I ever met.  This was back in 2011, when he was touring with the Beards of Comedy (Andy, Joe Zimmerman, Dave Stone and TJ Young) and living in the apartment with a couch in the kitchenette he

XMEN: Days of Future Past Interviews (Video)

If you haven’t see X-MEN: Days of Future Past then you are missing out.  This was probably the best X-MEN movie of the entire series.  And I don’t want to spoil anything but Quicksilver has the best scene of the entire movie.  I got to sit down with

Why Dan St Germain is So Bad at The Good Times

Dan St Germain is a NYC-based comedian who is soon to be an Angelino, but in the meantime he has a great album called Bad at The Good Times coming out on A Special Thing Records. Dan is already a familiar face from Comedy Central’s The Half

Sam Tripoli Talks Dirty Comedy, Sports Bets and Being Yourself

Sam Tripoli’s second album, Believe in Yourself, drops on AllThingsComedy May 20th.  Sam is an LA-based comedian, who founded The Naughty Show and was one of a tiny handful of people passed immediately to the Main Room of The Comedy Store by Mitzi Shore (fun fact: Roseanne

Interview with Nick Frost – Cuban Fury (Video)

I was invited to interview Nick Frost about his new romantic comedy Cuban Fury also starring Rashida Jones and Chris O’Dowd with some hilarious supporting roles played by Ian McShane and Kayvan Novak. Bruce Garrett (Frost) is a former child Salsa champion who rediscovers his love for Salsa as

Jen Kirkman Seems Like Fun

Jen Kirkman does it all – the Los Angeles-based stand-up frequently tours the country, she writes and appears on Chelsea Lately and After Lately, she’s the author of I Can Barely Take Care of myself, a humorous look at the child-free life, and she hosts her own

Kyle Dunnigan’s Dark and Dirty Christmas Album

Comedian Kyle Dunnigan is well known for doing characters and impersonations, so he pretty much only had to bring himself to the party to create an all-star holiday album. AmericasComedy.Com spoke with Dunnigan about making the album, protecting his ego and breaking all the rules at a

Mark DeMayo: 20 & Out

It’s not easy becoming a professional comedian.  Try doing it while working full time on the NYPD.  Comedian Mark DeMayo did just that.  The retired detective, now 46, is working on his one-man show 20 & Out named after the phrase describing officers who retire after twenty

Tammy Pescatelli Finds The Funny Beyond Being an Italian Chick

Tammy Pescatelli’s latest special, Finding The Funny, premiers November 1 on Netflix. Pescatelli spoke with AmericasComedy.Com about the long and bumpy road this hour has had finding its way to air, overcoming her Last Comic Standing reputation as “too Italian” and taping down her boobs to avoid being

Angelo Gingerelli: The Asbury Park Movement

A combination of stand up comedy and sit down interviews, Gingerelli knows his show Comedy on Cookman is important to the arts of New Jersey.