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WitStream: Twitter’s Funniest All in One Place

They take only the best tweets from the funniest people, and make 'em easy to find

Join Felicia Day in Her ‘Guild’

Web series injects comedy into the world of MMORPGs

Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival Wrap-Up (Audio)

On the final day of the Moontower Comedy Festival, I set out to get some awesome audio (because, to paraphrase Barbie, "writing is hard")

Jim Jefferies’ ‘Fully Functional’: An Annotated Timeline

Dirty words sound dirtier coming out of Jefferies’ mouth

Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival Day 3: The Power of Podcasts

Day 3 really ramped up the awesomeness

Comedy in Uncommon Places: The 2013 NFL Draft

Coming to you Live-ish compliments of my DVR!

Comedy Clubs vs Underground Scene: Live in Both Worlds

This is a story about the difference between "Comedy Club Comedy" and "Underground Comedy"

Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival Day 1: Expect the Unexpected

The most fun came thanks to some potentially unpleasant surprises

Craig Ferguson’s ‘I’m Here to Help’: An Annotated Timeline

A hilarious summary of Ferguson's heralded Netflix special

Geoff Tate’s Got More Than Potential

The company you keep says a lot in the comedy world

‘iSteve’: Funny Or Die’s New 78 Min. Parody on the Life of Steve Jobs

We were expecting fireworks, but the humor in Funny Or Die's latest parody falls flat

‘Who Gets the Last Laugh?’ I’m Not Sure, Actually

Each week three celebrity comedians play a prank on unsuspecting common folk

‘The Daily Show’ Recap: Ricky Gervais and a Boston Mug

Some days, you just can’t imagine what the writer’s room of "The Daily Show" really looks like

Web Series: ‘After Hours’ at

The premise is simple: a group of employees from Cracked regularly go out to eat after work and discuss various aspects of pop culture

‘The Daily Show’ Recap: The Boston Marathon and Tom Cruise

Luckily, 'Jack Reacher' was not discussed